The Curious History of the Bulb Vase - front cover



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30 The Wedgwood "porkoipin" as first described in 1777.
60 The Stevens & Williams 'Perfection' hyacinth glass, showing an actual example, the advert and the pattern book drawing, 1891.
103 A Barr & Sugden catalogue suggestion: use the bulb vases for floral arrangements when out of season.
171 Curiouser and curiouser: antipodal experiments from 1787 and modern replications.
182 A German invention with a removable inner sleeve for the vase. German paper covers.
233 Acorn vases as shown in the Pottery Gazette.
260 Just four examples from the 56 glassmaking techniques illuistrated and explained in the book, and all employed by makers of bulb vases