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Broadfield House Glass Museum
June until August* 2015

Exhibition of Patricia Coccoris' bulb vase collection at Broadfield House Glass Museum, KingswinfordA number of Patricia's vases are being exhibited at the Broadfield House Glass Museum, in Kingswinsford, Stourbridge from 1st June until at least August 2015. The closing date* could, however, be up till Christmas 2015, depending on when Broadfield House is resited to its new premises.

Entrance to the museum is free and a visit is an absolute must for any glass collector.

Above: The glass cabinet containing the display. Most notable is the clear Irish vase, c.1820 (top, third from left); Tye ensemble (amethyst group middle-left, top). Snowdrop, crocus and acorn vases are on the middle shelf. Bottom shelf shows a Davidson bowl; Glassroots vases with wooden mould by Margaret Howdle.